About Us

Southern Independent Building Inspections is the first independently certified inspector in NSW.

We provide our clients with exceptional property inspection services.

As certified inspection specialists, our reports are thorough and professional and will help you make a fully informed decision about the property you plan to purchase. An inspection performed by us will give you peace of mind that the condition of the property has been thoroughly investigated and that even the smallest issue has been disclosed.

We are fully-licensed and work throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and surrounding regions, as well as Wollongong, the Southern Highlands, MacArthur, Illawarra, South Coast and Goulburn regions.

Insured and Verified

Our inspectors have extensive experience, are highly qualified and fully covered by professional indemnity insurance.

This means you can be sure you are dealing with reputable inspectors who have a proven track record in their industry.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive pre-purchase property and visual pest inspections, as well as specialist asbestos and mould inspections.

We also offer comprehensive advice on repairs and maintenance.

Visit the Our Services page for a detailed overview of the services we provide.

Licensed and Experienced

Southern Independent Building Inspections are licensed and trained professionals with many years in the industry of building inspections, we put out the most reliable reports.

Licence No. HS/0624
Asbestos and Mould Licence No. HS/0639
Swimming Pool Licence No. HS/0683
Strata Licence No. HS/0680
E1 Certified Swimming Pool Compliance
BPB 2445
Lic No: HS/ 0639
Lic No: HS/ 0680
Lic No: HS/ 0683
Lic No: HSCPI/ 003
Lic No: HS/064

Quality Inspection Reports

Don't get stuck with a property that costs thousands of dollars in repairs!

Our reports help take the risk out of property investing and help you to eliminate any nasty suprises - potentially saving you money.

Our reports comply with Australian Standards (AS:4349.1 Pre-purchase Building Inspections Residential). Pre-purchase Pest (AS:4349.3-2010).