March 2017 – Home Defect Inspections

When you are buying or selling a home, cutting corners to save money can end up costing you money.

Some buyers obsess about their mortgage interest rate, but too many give little attention to whether the home they are buying is what they think it is.

Naturally, some sellers will want to try and save as much as they can which can lead to making cosmetic changes in the hope that defects will go unnoticed. This could also lead to court cases and expenses higher than the repairs that were being covered up.

When you are on a budget, it is tempting to cut corners, getting professional help right at the beginning of the process can make a world of difference.

For a small investment, you can get a building and pest inspection report by a licensed inspector. It is important to employ someone who knows what they are doing, is properly accredited and will produce a report that makes a realistic appraisal of the condition of the dwelling. Southern Independent Building Inspections do all of this and more.

No home is going to be entirely defect-free, so the right inspection reports distinguish between the types of defects discovered in the inspection and rank them in order of significance. As a buyer, you have these options:

  1. Accept the property “as is” and remedy the defects yourself after settlement.
  2. Negotiate a reduction of price – if you have the bargaining strength.
  3. Ask the seller to rectify the defects at their own expense and prior to settlement. For example, where the defective building work reported on is relatively new, the property owner might be able to get the defects rectified by the builders who did the original work.

For most people buying a home is the biggest single financial transaction they will ever undertake and the one most likely to contain legal complexities and the potential for things to go wrong.

A pre-purchase inspection report is no longer a dispensable luxury. It is something that every home buyer needs, if only for peace of mind.

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November 2016 – Moisture Detection

It may surprise you to know that the highest risk to buildings are water leaks. Water leaks can cause an immense amount of damage particularly over time and it can remain undetected as sometimes it just happens drip by drip.

Water damage is one of the leading causes of home insurance claims in Australia, only behind severe weather and accidental glass breakage, but the latest advancements in water leak sensing can help prevent heartache for home owners.

Occasionally pipes burst – making the problem more than obvious, others dribble, going unnoticed for extended periods in cabinets or hidden spaces.

Structures of 20+ years and those with numerous tenants, carry high risk related to water damage. Normal infrastructure wear and tear as well as human error increases chances for leaks.

On top of costs to rebuild, estimates and headaches grow when both tenants and owners experience loss of use. Also, mould and mildew can increase a claim and require strict environmental compliance.

Some Sometimes the source of leaks can be detected easily; however, finding dampness inside a structure requires training and experience.

Whether it is internal or external, rising damp is a serious structural issue that you need to know about, and it takes a professional to know what to look for.

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March 2016 – Pool Safety

Hi all,

This month, we need to discuss something that concerns not just parents but all pool owners in general.

The article below comes from the Water Safety website and can be found at

It discusses not only the importance of pool safety but also the relevant legislation and the responsibilities of pool owners.

From 29 April 2016 all properties in NSW with a swimming pool or spa pool cannot be sold or leased without a valid certificate of compliance. Local councils and accredited private certifiers can provide information on how to obtain a certificate.

At Southern Independent Building inspections, we can ensure that your property complies with the new regulations, whether you are buying, selling or renting a property, we can also provide certification for new pools.

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Pool Safety

Drowning is one of the major causes of death for NSW children under the age of five. Each year on average 10 children under five drown in backyard swimming pools and many more suffer brain damage and other serious injuries associated with near-drowning experiences.

  • Be Pool Safe – register your pool at
  • Fence your pool or spa with a self-closing and self-latching gate. Ensure the fence is secure and in good working order
  • Actively supervise your child by focusing all of your attention on them when they are in, on or around the water
  • During parties or gatherings by the pool, nominate a designated child supervisor and rotate the supervision responsibilities regularly.


The Swimming Pool Act was amended on 20 October 2012 to address concerns about the high rate of non-compliance with swimming pool barriers requirements.

The Legislation addresses where swimming pools are, educate pool owners about pool safety, and enable inspections to be carried out to ensure that pools, particularly those that pose the highest risk to children, are made safe.

More information on the Legislation

Swimming pool register

Targeting pool safety messages and inspection requires councils to know where pools are located in the community. Although a number of councils already hold this information, many do not. The amendments to the Act therefore require pool owners to self-register their pool, free of charge, on a statewide online register.

Pool owners can register their backyard swimming pools online at .

Registration is free. There may be a penalty applied to owners who fail to register a swimming pool by 29th October 2013.

More information on the Swimming pool register

Fact sheets

A range of pool safety fact sheets are available on the Royal Life Saving website:

  • NSW Swimming Pool Register– information on the NSW Swimming Pool Register
  • Swimming Pool Supervision– supervision and the most effective ways to supervise
  • Restricting Access– restricting access and the benefits of pool fencing and Child Safe Play Areas
  • Water Awareness– including the importance of water familiarization and setting rules around water for young children
  • Resuscitation– the importance of resuscitation, where to learn and the legal implications

More information on the Pool Safety Fact Sheets from Royal Life Saving


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February 2016 – The Importance of Termite Inspections.

It is imperative that you have a termite inspection as part of your pre-purchase building and pest inspection report. Sydney and surrounds is known to be bad for termite infestations.
Termites which are more commonly known as white ants, feed on plant fibre known as cellulose. Cellulose exists in a number of products but it is most prevalent in timber.
Termite colonies absolutely love our climatic conditions and with the levels of rain even throughout summer this year it is likely you could end up with leaks that often go unnoticed until its too late to do anything about it. Damp and/or damaged wood is a perfect breeding ground for termites.
The cost of a comprehensive building and pest inspection may save you many thousands of dollars if termites are discovered. Its best to be safe than sorry.
White ants are renown to eat out a whole wall structure in a relatively short spam of time. They might be small nut they can outsmart us by leaving the obvious areas till attack last. Once the obvious signs are noticed its already to late.
Even after the pre-purchase inspections of your potential new home or investment you should continue to keep an eye on your asset with regular on-going termite and pest inspections.
Termites are despised pests in Australia due to how quickly they can destroy a family home without detection often resulting in permanent damage or costly repairs. If the important structural components of your home is of wood or timber construction then these nasty destructive ants can cause substantial damage to some of the most important aspects of your property.
 When termites find a source of nutrition within a building they will infest a property and begin to feed on this source of nourishment and chew at it from the inside out at a fast pace.
Some homeowners believe that they can detect these annoying critters however without the skills and industry training of a professional, accredited inspector they often fail to notice the early warning signs of termite infestation within their home as  they are rarely seen by the naked eye because they are incredibly effective at keeping themselves hidden for as long as they can.
Professional termite inspectors with special training are able to notice signs and evidence of these potential expensive umwelcomned creatures, even in places that seem to be free from termite activity. fully insured property inspectors are able to provide peace and mind to  homeowners. If your house is already infected with termites often these independent building inspections will have the right solution to your termite problems before serious damage is made.
Yes there are many things that you can do to discourage termites from seeking refuge in your home and your building inspector will be happy to share these valuable tips with you.
When you combine your diligent efforts at termite prevention with scheduled termite inspections  you can attack these pest from all angles prevention is often netter than fixing a problem. Yearly inspections is ok of you live in cooler conditions but  bi-annual inspections are best. Its also recommended that you schedule the inspections to occur during times of the year when termite activity is at its most intense early spring to late summer is the time of year when termites are most active, but they can certainly wreak cause problems other times of the year if they get the opportunity to gain access to your building.
If you are willing to enlist the assistance of others when it comes to a professional termite inspection, you might have some concerns  about the cost of this service. Some sydney homeowners are reluctant to book in a termite inspection service because money is tight and they think she will be right it wont happen to us.
The best advice is to think about building inspections as a type of insurance for your family as not doing it will cost you so much more. Taking care of your home which is your families asset is important.
You should never underestimate the value of a professional termite inspection report Your families safety and  home’s value could depend upon it.
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