Common Problems

Nasty Surprises

Unfortunately, 'nasty surprises' are all too common when purchasing a property, and the cost of repairing or removing them can be costly and time consuming.

It's imperative that a building report detects ALL potential issues within a home, not just 'the basics'. We guarantee to carry out comprehensive inspections to ensure things like this don't jump out and surprise you:


Whether the mould is internal or external, it is not only a serious health issue, it can cause other problems throughout the property.

Contrary to popular belief, bleaching and scrubbing does NOT kill mould; it requires a trained specialist to completely remove it from your home.


Termites and other pests are a very serious issue. They can cause structural damage that can cost you thousands of dollars, and cause plenty of frustration.

Should termites be detected within a property, our experts will advise regular treatment to ensure complete eradication.


Asbestos can be found in the roof, under carpet and many other places throughout a property - and it can ruin your investment AND your life.

It takes a trained eye to detect asbestos. Our inspectors are highly skilled and trained in this field, so you can be sure that, if it's there, we WILL find it.

Rising damp

Rising damp can sometimes be detected easily; however, finding dampness inside a structure requires training and experience.

Whether it is internal or external, rising damp is a serious structural issue that you need to know about, and it takes a professional to know what to look for.

Cracked Roof Tiles

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you're paying for a cheap property inspection, chances are not everything's been inspected and the report will be brief.

Don't risk it - contact us today for complete reassurance.